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Find the Best VA Mortgage Lender Near You

Find the Best VA Mortgage Lender Near You

Find the Best VA Mortgage Lender Near You!

Finding the best VA mortgage lender can be overwhelming as so many mortgage companies offer VA home loans for veterans. Searching many local lenders online or getting a referral from battle buddy or what most military vets do when their ready to buy their first home.

With Veteran Mortgage USA you can trust that our lenders specialize in VA home loans and we have been referred to as the best option for Vets to choose when they want a mortgage company that goes the extra mile to take care of their customers. We thank you for serving our country and we want to return that by offering you best in-class service for your home purchase.

With our experience and dedication our military VA home loan experts are ready to help you get on the path of buying a house. We take the extra step and build a lasting relationship with you to get you pre-qualified and explain everything that is needed to ensure your Veteran home loan is approved and done so in the fastest time possible. We will work with you and build trust and the confidence ensuring that your home loan is prepared and you have the comfort knowing your in the best hands in the business.

Many Vets don’t take the time to find the best VA mortgage lender near them and typically go with a referral or nearby VA home loan lender. We recommend that you shop around and find the best VA home loan mortgage company that makes the most sense for you and your family.

As veterans ourselves we want to provide you with the best service possible because we know you did the same for us when you served in the armed forces for our country. So again, thank you for your service and we hope you choose Veteran Mortgage USA when you look to find the best VA mortgage lender near you.

Meet with a Loan Officer from Veteran Mortgage USA

In the world of VA home loans, the creeping fear of taking on a seemingly insurmountable amount of debt seems like an ill-advised decision. It is not an uncommon fact that you could be working with a Loan Officer that is not willing to qualify you for a mortgage that is correct for your needs and could put you in foreclosure due to shifting mortgage guidelines. There are many other options that can keep you in clear from foreclosure or bankruptcy that a talented mortgage Loan Officer can inform you about.

A Loan Officer is obligated by mortgage guidelines to reach a conclusion that benefits their side of the transactions, but Veteran Mortgage USA considers how disastrous the borrower’s credit and finances can be affected should those mortgage guidelines shift in an unfavorable manner. Please contact Veteran Mortgage USA today and speak to a mortgage Loan Officer who has your best interest at heart. The number to reach a sympathetic Loan Officer is 1 (888) 712-8072.

You can talk us now by calling or go to our contact us page here.

VA Home Mortgage Rates for 2018

VA Home Mortgage Rates for 2018

VA Home Mortgage rates forecast for October 2018

VA home mortgage rates can trend inherently unpredictable and right inline there with economic recessions and stock price changes currently happening in the USA.

It’s clear that we can safely predict how the rates will go for the rest of 2018.

With the booming economy, an active Federal Reserve, and inflation starting to rise, VA home mortgage rates would have a really hard time going down any more than they currently are.

We can only hope that they stay where they are now so that new approved VA home loans can get locked in now and feel comfortable with their purchase.

Amazingly, 30-year fixed rates are still in the 4% range. This was not expected just a few years ago. Despite incessant rate increases, these rates are somehow still available for Veterans looking to buy a home.

If you don’t want to wait until they hit 5% then now might be your best time to act. Get in touch with our VA Home mortgage advisers and find out what your options are on pre-approval.

Here’s what the mortgage forecast looks like for the remainder of 2018. There are some up and downs, but it’s expected to start to rise going into 2019 because of our economy.

VA Home Loan Mortgage Forecast 2018

The good news is that it shouldn’t jump to high by the end of the year. Veterans that use the VA home loan option have the best value because the VA Home Mortgage Rates are holding steady.

VA Home Mortgage Rates

Veteran homeowners with a current VA home loan are currently eligible for the ever-popular VA streamline refinance. No income, asset, or appraisal documentation is required.

If you have experienced a loss of income or diminished savings, a VA streamline can quickly get you into a lower mortgage rate and even better financial situation. This is possible even if you would not qualify for a standard mortgage home refinance.

But don’t overlook the buying of a home using the VA Home loan option. There is not down payment required and that makes it really easy to get started pending your pre-approval status. So, if you have the money for closing costs, or have them paid for by the home seller, you can get into a new home without needing the extra cash up front. That’s what makes the VA home loan option so appetizing.

We specialize in VA mortgages, they are not offered by the government directly. So, get in touch with our VA mortgage advisers and see what we can do for you.

What Credit Score do I need to have to get qualified for a VA Home Loan?

Most lenders will accept scores down to 620, or even lower. Even better, you don’t have to pay high interest rates with a VA home loan because your protected with that too regardless of credit. Knowing that the VA Home Mortgage Rates are protected this makes it and easy decision to buy a home if your a Veteran.

VA home loans have the lowest rates of all loan types according to Ellie Mae.

See what your payment would look like with our VA Mortgage Calculator.

VA Home loans are the usually the best option for Veterans because there is so much value in VA Mortgage loans.

If you have questions about the VA Home Loan process or want to see what all your options are then please reach out to our office and speak with a VA home loan adviser.

Our VA Mortgage Office is located here:

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Missed Veteran Benefits VA Home Loan Options

Missed Veteran Benefits VA Home Loan Options

Veterans Missed Benefit Opportunity

As military Veterans ourselves we see far too often when we speak with fellow Vets that they don’t take advantage of the Veteran benefits available to them. Many are not aware of these amazing options and therefore don’t use them.

You served your country and have earned the right to use these benefits.

One of the most common unused Veteran benefits is the VA Home Loan for buying a house. This benefit is so good and makes buying a home simple and affordable for any Veteran if they follow the basic steps.

The best part of using a VA Home loan is that it does not require any money to be put down for the down payment.

If you have a job and can show income, then the pre-approval process is simple. You just work with your loan officer and they will help you get your credit in order which does not require a high credit score for Veterans to get approved when using the VA home loan option.

Your credit score just needs to be in the 600’s which is pretty easy to achieve. That’s why Vets can get approved even if they have bad credit when the take advantage of Veteran benefits.

So, if you’re a Veteran that currently rents a home or an apartment then you must take a step back and see that you’re already paying someone else’s mortgage.

Let’s say your house rent is $1,600 per month. If that’s the case, then you’re already paying more than what a typical mortgage rate would be. So, you’re probably paying the regular mortgage cost plus some which the home owner is just making profit on.

You owe it to yourself to get out of that mess and become a homeowner.

Our Veteran Mortgage team is here for you and ready to talk with you about your situation and the VA home loan options available for you.

Get in touch with us and speak to our VA home loan company today and get yourself on the path to owning a home by using your Veteran benefits.

Currently the VA home loan rates are good and as you learn more about what benefits come with a VA home loan, you’ll find out things like closing cost are generally paid by the seller when a VA home loan is used.

Veterans deserve the best benefits and our government does a good job of making them available to Vets. It’s up to you to take advantage of them because if you don’t then you miss out on what could have been.

VA home loans aren’t always the best option for home buyers, so your best choice is to speak with a rep about your needs and let us help you buy a home.

How to Get an FHA Loan

How to Get an FHA Loan

Veteran Mortgage USA Can Help with FHA Mortgage Qualification

For many Americans who have suffered a bad credit scenario, the concept of how to get an FHA Loan can seem an insurmountable task. With all the pitfalls and smoke and mirrors that can go into the FHA Mortgage processing ordeal, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the task itself. Luckily Veteran Mortgage USA is an exemplary group that has made a specific goal in helping educate people on how to get an FHA Loan and move forward into a brighter future with an FHA Loan.

Veteran Mortgage USA Can Help with Home Refinancing

Beyond offering the highest quality assistance with FHA Mortgage qualification, Veteran Mortgage USA is brilliantly versed in the process of home refinancing. It is typical for a first-time client going through refinancing to be nothing short of terrified. But Veteran Mortgage USA is an unusual example of Loan Officers who are first and foremost concerned with their client’s concerns and doubts.

The refinancing progression is a long road to walk, particularly if you have bad credit, but Veteran Mortgage USA operates under the philosophy that anyone who can qualify with a little assistance should be able to. Call 1 (888) 712-8072 to hear about you options regarding refinancing your home. Contact us to speak with a proficient Loan Officer.

Veteran Mortgage USA Wants to Help with Your FHA Mortgage

It is a great concept that everyone who deserves guidance with how to get an FHA Loan shouldn’t’ have to fight tooth and nail to do so. Veteran Mortgage USA wants nothing more than to help you qualify for an FHA Mortgage and be on your way to your piece of the American dream Along with refinancing, debt consolidation, jumbo, and zero down loans: Veteran Mortgage USA is ready to take on any scenario to home seekers with credit issues.

To put your best foot forward with the qualification process to receive an FHA Mortgage make a point at communicating with an extraordinarily adept Loan Officer by calling 1 (888) 712-8072 to contact us today.

Arizona Military Veterans Home Loan Options

Arizona Military Veterans Home Loan Options

Arizona Veterans Home Loan Mortgage

If you are a veteran, your mortgage shouldn’t look the same as an average citizen.

Veterans are eligible for various benefits that can save them thousands of dollars when purchasing a home. Depending on the length and type of service, competitive interest rates, zero dollar down payments and reductions in property tax are some of the benefits available. Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans, Native American Direct Loans, Adapted Housing Grants and Cash Out Refinance Loans have all been specially designed for veterans of the United States of America.

Interest rate reduction refinance loans are also called streamline or a VA to VA loan. These loans ensure a lower interest rate than the previous loan and are only available to veterans of the US military. IRRRL loans can be granted without a down payment.

Native American direct loans are only eligible to Native American Veterans interested in purchasing, building or updating a house on Federal Trust land. Native American Veterans can also refinance a current NADL and decrease their current interest rate. This loan does not require a down payment or a private mortgage insurance. It also limited closing costs and ensures a low-interest fixed 30 year mortgage.

Adapted housing grants are given to veterans or members of the military who are disabled in both lower extremities. This loan helps disabled veterans buy a home or make necessary home repairs to aid with their disability. Disabled veteran or service members can be eligible for up to three adapted housing grants.

Cash-out refinance loans are used by homeowners interested in refinancing a current mortgage loan for an increased amount. These loans give the difference between the original and the new mortgage loan, in cash, to the homeowner. Veterans are also eligible to avoid mortgage insurance, reduced closing costs and many more benefits.

If you live in Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale, Glendale or another city in Arizona you will be eligible for specific benefits depending on your military history.

New Mortgage Programs for Veterans

New Mortgage Programs for Veterans

New Mortgage Programs from Veteran Mortgage USA

Veteran Mortgage USA with are seasoned experts in the field of various mortgage programs such as FHA, VA, and Jumbo loans that can help the universal community of home seekers with less than perfect credit. Taking out a bad credit mortgage can be risky business and to that end Veteran Mortgage USA is an exemplary force of helping people who need a second chance to own a home.

With the help of Veteran Mortgage USA, it is possible to qualify for a low risk loan to buy a HUD home among many options. To begin the process towards qualifying for a bad credit mortgage please contact us today by calling 1 (888) 712-8072 and speaking with a trained Loan Officer.

Find useful information about VA Home Loans here!

Find a Bad Credit Mortgage That Works For You

Veteran Mortgage USA with have amassed a reputation for being one of a kind in terms of pairing the client with the perfect mortgage program to fit their needs. Veteran Mortgage USA is a highly specialized and driven team of individuals whose sole mission if to find clients seeking a bad credit mortgage and help make it a reality. There’re are countless individuals out there who are getting denied the opportunity to buy a HUD home and numerous other properties.

Fortunately, Veteran Mortgage USA studied in the way of mortgage programs outside of hard money and high interest loans and are looking to share their knowledge and assist buyers with bad credit to find the perfect bad credit mortgage.

Contact Us to Hear More about Bad Credit Mortgage Options

In the tumultuous world of mortgage programs Veteran Mortgage USA is an extraordinarily rare example of a team in the business for the right reasons. Having survived a brutal recession in the mid 2000’s Veteran Mortgage USA with adapted to service bad credit mortgages. The philosophy of the team caters to the idea that anyone within reason who’s looking to buy a HUD home shouldn’t be inhibited by their credit circumstances.

To that end the mortgage programs that Veteran Mortgage USA have chosen to focus on are tailor made to help those who have been through fore closures, short sales, and bankruptcies. To see what mortgage programs may be right for you and be on your way to a bad credit mortgage today please contact us today and see what Veteran Mortgage USA can do for you today. Please call 1 (888) 712-8072.